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Welcome to the official Web Site of: I Am "AMERIKA"!


Revealing the true ORIGIN of this world!


     You have entered into one of the Web Sites of The Documentation of the "Restoration of All Things"! These Web Sites provide Insight into the Eternal existence of Zyrota Even that was destroyed and replaced with this hideous worlds' physical and mysterious creation, herein revealed.

    The Eternal existence of Zyrota Even was based on BE: Peace, Freedom, Beauty, Happiness, Equality, Liberty, Eternal Life, Adventure, Excitement, True Magic, Instant Universal Travel, Thought Communication, Wonders, Miracles, Eminating Light, Heightened Sensitivity, being Melodious, with a "KEN" of Knowledge and Understanding millions of times sharper than the so-called genius of this world, etc., etc., all unimaginable in this world, all being  Delicately and Exquisitely placed in SPIRIT Harmony and interconnected with innumerable individual Universal Realms of EVEN, that have never before been revealed.

    Most all the information that is provided within the establishing power systems and the power systems that are being neutralized is in Outline Form, thereby making it easy to understand the complexities associated with each pyramidal power system. As a whole, each Web Site is progressive, as it provides Step by Step, Word for Word, in depth knowledge and understanding, of the foundations of this hideous world compared to the world of and created by the Master Creator.

    Within these Web Sites we reveal the Mystery of GOD and the Deception that this world has been held enslaved to.

    There are nearly 40,000 pages within the Documentation of the "Restoration of All Things", and presently there are only a small number of these pages that have been included within the Web Sites. Meaning then that these Web Sites are meant to give you an overview into the massive number of individuals that became subject to the Greed and Exploitation of mankind utilizing its Law Lie Lye Luck base of CON Control that was instituted initially within the devils master plan.








These are the websites of the Restoration:








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